Nike Reflects Poorly on UMD!

This past Wednesday, we gathered in the Student Union and the Mall to call on President Mote to cut UMD’s licensing contract with Nike. Nike has refused to pay workers in two Honduran factories over $2.2 million in legally mandated severance pay.

Nike Reflects Poorly on the Terps!

Nike Reflects Poorly on the Terps!

We covered our beloved Testudo statues in aluminum foil to show that Nike reflects poorly on our campus community. Nike’s actions explicitly violate UMD’s codes of conduct; continuing to do business with Nike is tarnishing our school’s reputation.

This action was in response to Mote’s silence to a letter we delivered to his office on February 23rd. We called on Mote to address this issue by cutting the Nike contract, but the entire administration failed to even send us a response to our letter by March 9th, our deadline for Mote’s action. So, we took the issue to the campus, where many students, faculty, and staff showed interest in the issue and support for our cause.

Check out the great article in the Diamondback. Unfortunately, our administration was unavailable to comment on the issue.

Help us out! Come up with some creative ideas to add to our awesome list of slogans for this campaign:

Just Pay It
Mote: Don’t Let Nike FOIL your Legacy!
Unswooshable Starts Here
Don’t Do It
Hey, Mote! it’s only fair. Make Nike pay their share!

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