Hundreds of Students Send Letters Asking Loh to Drop Daycon

Today, over 200 letters were sent by Letters to President Loh: DROP DAYCONstudents at the University of Maryland to President Loh.  The letters called upon Loh to terminate the contract with Daycon, a  cleaning supplies company that has violated its workers rights in recent months.  After Daycon refused to engage in good faith collective bargaining with its Teamsters-represented workers, 55 workers went on strike in April.  These workers have now been on strike for six months, and Daycon has violated federal labor law by hiring permanent replacements.

The students hoped to impart a sense of urgency to the issue since the holiday season is approaching and these workers have been out of work.  The Teamsters are pressing charges; a federal trial began on November 17th.  However, the issue could take years to resolve in the court system, as Daycon has promised to go through a lengthy appeal system.  While the trial proceeds, the workers will be out of  work and lacking health care in these difficult economic times.

More students are expected to mail in letters of concern over the remaining weeks of the semester, demonstrating to Loh that there is widespread campus support for terminating the University’s Daycon contract.

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