UMD Students Occupy President’s Office

12 UMD students, with numbers growing, are currently occupying President Loh’s office, studying for finals while fighting for the Daycon workers. Daycon is a local company that provides cleaning supplies for our school. They have been found guilty in court of a number of labor violations, after walking out on collective bargaining and hiring permanent replacements for striking workers. The NLRB ordered that they immediately hire back their workers and pay backwages. They have not complied and are appealing the decision.

We are demanding that the administration take immediate action in response to Daycon’s blatant abuse of its workers and its refusal to obey the NLRB’s ruling. Our main demand is that our university issue a letter stating our intention to not renew our contract with Daycon when it is up for renewal later this year.


After a six-hour study in, the administration agreed to conclusively decide whether to renew the Daycon contract by the end of the next week. This represents the first time that we have successfully set a timeline for concrete action – goes to show the power students hold when we show administration that we won’t back down.


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